Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BSC Reviews

I've been doing my Baby-Sitters Club reviews with my cousin's old collection. She had books 1-18, and about 40 other books, scattered throughout the series. I figured I would review the first eighteen books and decide where to go from there.

Little did I know that Books 1-18 really comprise 20 books! Super Special #1 was published after #14, and Karen's Spinoff #1 was published after #15. I bought them both on Amazon for $10.99, which is a tad expensive, in my opinion. Yes, it's convenient to have the eBooks, but when they're priced at $5.99 each, it is always cheaper to buy the used paperbacks.

So my plan is to review all the books, up to #18. I hope I can make my 11 bucks back. After that, I'll decide whether or not to continue. I'd like to review the books in order, but not if it's going to cost too much. Maybe I'll just read the 40-odd books I have, forgetting about the official order.

Of course, this is all just worrying about the vague future. I have several hundred Nancy Drew books to review first, right? Speaking of which, the newest Nancy Drew book just arrived in the mail for me! It was released this month, and it's all about organic farming.

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