Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vampire Diaries

My quest to get Vampire Diaries--the game that Her Interactive made before starting the Nancy Drew series--is still ongoing.

Someone sent me the files for all three CDs. Yes, the game runs on three CDs. I bought some blank CDs (Memorex CD-RW kind) and put the files on those CDs. It seemed to work. When I put the CDs in other computers, they can read the files.

The problem? My Windows Vista computer from 2006 can't read the CDs. The CD drive spins around for a lot, and eventually decides the drive is empty. It reads other CDs perfectly, so I'm not sure what's wrong. Is there something I'm doing, which makes these CDs incompatible with Windows Vista?

Please leave a comment, if you have any suggestions or thoughts as to what I could do.

My Vista computer is the one that's old enough to play the Vampire Diaries game. At least, I presume it will work. It was able to play McKenzie and Co.

Installing the game by itself won't work. The game refuses to run, unless it can sense one of its CDs in the CD drive. The first Nancy Drew game was the same way.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

Okay I goggled the problem and this is what I found I'm not 100% sure it will work I hope it does

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I tested two of the Nancy Drew games I have burnt on CD's from digital copies. Both worked because they both recognized the exe. auto install file. I specifically tried the first disc for Last Train to Blue Moon canyon and it recognized it. The other was Royal Tower, which I did because its files are the closest in age to the Vampire Diaries files. The only things I can guess is that 1)your files may be missing the autoinstall file 2)you'll have to manually install it like on a DOS, like you would an early copy of Monkey Island or 3) since vampire diaries is a licensed brand, there may be copyright protection locks on its files. Nancy Drew is also licensed, so this explanation is less likely, unless the manufacturer followed strict copyright protection locks on order from the vampire diaries license holder.
Those are my ideas, as a fellow Nancy Drew player. You could also try the more tech-heavy answer with uninstalling the disc drive and all, or if you have the convenience, have you tried the disc in an XP? but your walkthrough capture footage is on the vista, yeah? okay :)

Anonymous said...

btw, i also tried those two discs running on a Vista ^^^

Paul said...

According to this random review on Amazon, it looks like the game just might not work on Vista?:

Andi D.D. said...

Hey maybe I can help! Why don't you try using a virtual drive? That way you can have all of the files running without needing to having a physical CD or CD drive. You would just need to download a free program such as Daemon Tools for free. I use it for almost all of my games that require disks because my disk drive doesn't work.

You do this by mounting an iso file as an image using the program. All this does is trick your computer into thinking you have another drive in your system. Drives could be CD, USB, external hard-drives etc.

It sounds a lot more complicated then it is, because I can do all of that in under a minute. If you would like some help downloading this or a step-by-step explanation on how to mount the Vampire Diaries game I'm happy to help!