Saturday, April 4, 2015


I tried out a new schedule for March, where I upload one walkthrough per week. The walkthrough goes up Monday through Thursday, and on Saturday, there are bonus videos. (Usually book reviews).

Judging from the reaction, this plan wasn't good. Maybe people prefer videos uploaded on the weekends. Maybe people prefer a constant flow of videos. And maybe people don't like book reviews all the time.

I work about a month ahead, and I'm at a good stopping point right now. So the current schedule will continue, until it catches up to where I am now. Then I'll try something different. Sounds good to everyone?

April 6: Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove + Reviews
April 13: Fire Emblem Gaiden
April 20: League of Light + Reviews
April 27: Grim Fa├žade: Sinister Obsession + Reviews
May 4: Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper + Reviews
May 12: Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness

By lucky coincidence, that means my last book review before the new Nancy Drew game is Girl Detective #29. This book is the unofficial end of the series. After that, they did the Girl Detective trilogies. Those are widely reviled as being some of the worst Nancy Drew books ever, so it's a perfect place to stop. Maybe a month-long break from the book reviews would be a good idea.


Emily said...

Personally the book reviews are some of my favorites. I just usually catch things on a different schedule because I can't watch long videos or a video series when I'm working (and I tend to work non-traditional hours).

Abby said...

May 12th is going to be the happiest day of my life (so far)!!!! YAASS

lence said...

I thought Ship is coming out on the 19th?

I like continuous flow of videos. If I haven't checked your channel for a while, scrolling down to see what has been posted over past week works for me.

baby bear said...

I love your book reviews. Are you planning on doing a live blind playthrough of Ship of Darkness?