Monday, April 27, 2015


My current plans for the YouTube Channel are these:

May 12: Play "Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness" for the first time. Past experience shows that this takes me about five days.
Following Week: Play a Zelda game, or something else.
Then: Do my official walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness
Then: Part 2 of the Zelda game, or something else.
June: Announce and start the summer marathon!

I'm not sure which Zelda game I would play. They seem to be 60-70 videos long, which is about 11 hours. From past experience, I know I can't play such a long game, without completely losing momentum. I'd have to split it up into ten or so chunks.

But if my copyright strike situation is NOT resolved, I can't do anything risky, like play a Zelda game or play games from companies with unknown YouTube policies. Which probably means no summer marathon, or greatly reduced summer marathon. I'll worry about that when / if it comes to pass. Right now, it looks like I have to wait until the end of the month for Copyright Strike #1 to disappear.


Anonymous said...

If you can do a Zelda game, can you please do Skyward Sword? It's my favorite Zelda game and I would watch the whole walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

Please do a blind playthrough. I love those.

Juli said...

Hey, Michael...I found a reference to you on I usually go on there just for fun, so I was looking through the Nancy Drew (videogame) page and they mentioned you under the "Ascended Fangirl" trope.

Scroll down until you find it. :)

Barrett LeRoy said...

Hey Micheal, are you going to begin reviewing any of the books any time soon? I would recommend ND #173 and #130. They are good books with some unique plots!