Monday, April 6, 2015

Nancy Drew 13 - Speedrun

People seemed amazed at the idea of doing the first half of Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon in one trip. Here's my strategy.

• Talk to Charleena and the Hardy Boys. Leave the car.
• Sleeper Car: Solve the puzzle in the corner for a clue about Jake's pickaxe.
• John's Car: Do Camptown Races jumping game, turn left twice and pick up slug on couch. Talk to John, look at the grate.
• Tino's Car: Talk to Tino for another slug. Solve pipe puzzle here, use the two slugs to solve the scale puzzle.
• Work Car. Open the tool chest on right; get stuff from the top three drawers. At the end of this car, turn left and enter N V R Z T B A A into Chinese pagoda. (You don't need to solve the letter puzzle in the caboose to get the code, first.) Solve puzzle blocking door to caboose.
• Caboose: Talk to Lori. Read her letter. Take and send photo of the dancing shoes to Bess and George. Call them. Get socket wrench.
• Tino's Car. Under periodic table, do the (silver is orange, blue, green, red, purple, yellow) thing to get the wheel and dance steps. Call Bess and George for doll clue. Get gem from base of the globe.
• Lori's Car. Do the steps to open doll cupboard. Put all the dolls in place to get a gem and slugs.
• Tino's Car. Solve the scales puzzle to open up the eagle and square in the first car.
• John's Car. Undo the grate with the wrench from Lori's.
• Sleeping Car. Get gem from goat's eye.
• Dining Car. Open the stove to learn what the engineer's name is. Get the gem from overhead lamp. Talk to the Hardy Boys about the engineer and Buell.
• Leave dining car and return. Talk to Hardys about engineer.

Hm. Looks like there is a little bit of backtracking, in order to get the periodic table thing from Tino's car. But you have to do the "leave the room and come back later" thing anyway, to give Bess and George time to solve the shoes puzzle. Same with giving the Hardys time to discover where the engineer stayed.

The second half of the game starts with you doing the games in Fatima's shop, and both of those are crazy random. So I pretty much stopped working on the speedrun there.


Anonymous said...

How on earth did you figure all this out? You're a genius! *claps*

baby bear said...

SUPERB! I don't want to know how long it took you to figure this out. . .

Anonymous said...

You should do a Nancy Drew 2015 speed run marathon for all the games you haven't done speed runs for yet.

Sarah said...

There is a conversation with Tino you can skip with this strategy. Normally after you tell Tino you found Lori, the next conversation you have with him, he will ask to see Jake's letter. However, if the second time you talk to him is when you need to get a pen from him, you'll skip the whole showing him the letter scene.

EJ Ramirez said...

Im making a speedrun for every game by the end of this year.

EJ Ramirez said...
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