Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Wedding and Seven Rings

My Wedding and Seven Rings is one of the newest iPhone dating sims. I thought I would check it out, because I'm getting married.

The premise of the game is that you are some random woman, working at a Japanese company. The company's CEO died yesterday, and before he died, he hand-picked six men to serve as the company's new "special corporate executives". He also picked you to win "Secretary of the Week", or something like that.

The new CEO says that you need to sign a contract, in order to get your award. You sign it, and surprise! It's a trick! Now you have to marry one of the six special corporate executives.

It turns out that the dead CEO was secretly your grandfather. Instead of grooming you to be his successor, like a normal person would, he decided you're too stupid to run a company by yourself. So he set up this elaborate scheme, to trick you into marrying someone who won't destroy the business. Grandpa claims that he did it, because he loves you and wants to see you happy, but that's obviously a lie.

The various men you can date include characters who were copy/pasted from another game, a pervert who gropes you and a man who says you are the ugliest woman he's ever seen. At this point in time, the only available pathway is for the jerk who thinks you're ugly. He continues acting like a jerk, and he constantly insults you. The game says he wants you to marry him, but that's not the message I'm getting from his behavior. Maybe he's trying to use reverse psychology?

Anyway, it costs $4 to unlock the rest of his story, with an extra $2 for his epilogue or his side story. He's clearly not worth it, so I decided to delete the app.


Anonymous said...

This sounds hilariously bad.

lence said...

sounds like a good call (to delete it).