Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Sometimes, it feels like I've forgotten 90% of college and high school. Especially math. I was in the advanced math program for most of my schooling, and now I couldn't tell you what a derivative is.

The things that I remember clearly are all embarrassing. Like, the 1940's style play I wrote for playwriting class, which bombed spectacularly. Or the time I had a nervous breakdown in the housing department. The time I failed my presentation in English class. And I really hope that all those videos I was in have been destroyed forever, because they were awful.

I should note that most of these embarrassing moments have been forgotten by everyone, except me.

On a positive note, though, I can't remember most of the girl drama I went through. I remember it was super stressful and scary at the time. In general, teenage girls are the thing that teenage boys are most afraid of. I'm sure there are some exceptions, like teenage boys who are most afraid of spiders. But teenage girls are still in their top ten fears.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you Michael, it's always the worst memories that stick around isn't it?

I have one of my own, it's AWFUL.

So, one day, we had invited a whole bunch of people over for a party, including a lot of my friends, and then my granny decided that she needed to crash it. That wasn't so bad, (apart from her being a selfish, obnoxious person) and everything was going fine until she started talking about the miracle of intercourse and childbirth, and all the mystical things that the parts of the human body represented. :(