Sunday, April 26, 2015

Copyright Strike

It's finally here! Remember the copyright strike against my channel? The one that expires on April 25th?!

I checked my YouTube Channel page yesterday, and it said April 26th. I don't know if they changed the date on me, or if I had the date wrong for six months.

I'm writing this blog post on Saturday. I will update the post, as soon as I have more information! YouTube has revoked my ability to livestream, to make unlisted videos and to do Content ID appeals. Let's hope that YouTube gives these powers back to me. It's possible that I have to wait until October (a full year), because there were two strikes filed against me.

[Update at 8:00 AM: No change has occurred so far. This help forum is making it seem like I have to wait until the 31st, which is kind of a pain...]


Katie Nelson said...

Dear Michael,
First of all, according to the article and your original blog post, yes, you will have to wait until April 31st for the strike to be removed. Also, it looks like Youtube has the date for the strike wrong which, from the article, seems to happen a lot. As for livestreaming, making unlisted videos, and doing content ID appeals, I'm not sure. Who knows if you already read it, but here's a copyright strike basics link: I really do hope that Halloween comes quickly this year :). Then, both of the strikes will be gone. Plus, I get to go to Scarowinds ;). Although I hope this helps in some way, even though it's long. Love, Katie-Nancy Drew.
P.S. From what I read though, if you get another copyright strike before at least one of them is gone, then at least one of the strikes is permanent, but I don't exactly know all the details with that one.
P.S.S. The Nancy Drew letter version of my comments is only until the SEA buying period is over so don't worry, my comments will be slightly shorter soon. :p

Stephanie said...

If you have to wait until April 31st, it's never going to happen.
Sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

The 31st of April? That's a long way away. They'll have to amend the calendar before you get to it.