Thursday, April 30, 2015

Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriter

As voted by you readers, the walkthrough this week is for Midnight Mysteries 6: Ghostwriter!

Last week was League of Light: Wicked Harvest.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vampire Diaries

My quest to get Vampire Diaries--the game that Her Interactive made before starting the Nancy Drew series--is still ongoing.

Someone sent me the files for all three CDs. Yes, the game runs on three CDs. I bought some blank CDs (Memorex CD-RW kind) and put the files on those CDs. It seemed to work. When I put the CDs in other computers, they can read the files.

The problem? My Windows Vista computer from 2006 can't read the CDs. The CD drive spins around for a lot, and eventually decides the drive is empty. It reads other CDs perfectly, so I'm not sure what's wrong. Is there something I'm doing, which makes these CDs incompatible with Windows Vista?

Please leave a comment, if you have any suggestions or thoughts as to what I could do.

My Vista computer is the one that's old enough to play the Vampire Diaries game. At least, I presume it will work. It was able to play McKenzie and Co.

Installing the game by itself won't work. The game refuses to run, unless it can sense one of its CDs in the CD drive. The first Nancy Drew game was the same way.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bailey School Kids #6: Frankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias

Bailey School Kids book #6 is called Frankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias. The kids have a field trip at a museum run by Dr. Victor. Victor has a tall assistant named Frank, who speaks in grunts. The kids get lost and stumble upon Dr. Victor's secret lab. They decide that Frank must be Frankenstein.

I didn't like this book very much. It was extremely short, and Frank was noticeably absent. There wasn't much evidence to prove Frank is Frankenstein, either. He's tall, and he doesn't want to be set on fire. That's about it.

The big finale takes place in the greenhouse, when a lightning storm starts destroying everything. The kids decide to help Frank save his precious flowers. In a surprise twist (?), it turns out that Frank stole Dr. Victor's growth potion, and used it on the petunias. I'm not sure how this ties into the Frankenstein story. Is there usually growth potion in the Frankenstein movies, or am I missing something here?

Monday, April 27, 2015


My current plans for the YouTube Channel are these:

May 12: Play "Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness" for the first time. Past experience shows that this takes me about five days.
Following Week: Play a Zelda game, or something else.
Then: Do my official walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness
Then: Part 2 of the Zelda game, or something else.
June: Announce and start the summer marathon!

I'm not sure which Zelda game I would play. They seem to be 60-70 videos long, which is about 11 hours. From past experience, I know I can't play such a long game, without completely losing momentum. I'd have to split it up into ten or so chunks.

But if my copyright strike situation is NOT resolved, I can't do anything risky, like play a Zelda game or play games from companies with unknown YouTube policies. Which probably means no summer marathon, or greatly reduced summer marathon. I'll worry about that when / if it comes to pass. Right now, it looks like I have to wait until the end of the month for Copyright Strike #1 to disappear.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Copyright Strike

It's finally here! Remember the copyright strike against my channel? The one that expires on April 25th?!

I checked my YouTube Channel page yesterday, and it said April 26th. I don't know if they changed the date on me, or if I had the date wrong for six months.

I'm writing this blog post on Saturday. I will update the post, as soon as I have more information! YouTube has revoked my ability to livestream, to make unlisted videos and to do Content ID appeals. Let's hope that YouTube gives these powers back to me. It's possible that I have to wait until October (a full year), because there were two strikes filed against me.

[Update at 8:00 AM: No change has occurred so far. This help forum is making it seem like I have to wait until the 31st, which is kind of a pain...]

Friday, April 24, 2015

Vote for Next Walkthroughs

Only two weeks to go, before the new Nancy Drew game! I figured it would be fun, to let you blog readers vote on what games I'll play before then. Here are all the walkthroughs I have completed at this point in time...
  • Grim Façade: Sinister Obsession
  • Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies (I only play the demo)
  • Samantha Swift 2
  • Samantha Swift 3
  • Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting
  • Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival
And since we have two weeks before new Nancy Drew, I'll post two of these six walkthroughs. Sounds good? Vote over the weekend, and I'll post the winner on Monday.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Francy Droo and the Mystery of the Missing Mother-in-Law

At long last, my new videogame is available for purchase! It's called Francy Droo and the Mystery of the Missing Mother-in-Law! It only cost a dollar and a half!

A marriage in turmoil! On the day of the wedding, the overbearing mother-in-law has been kidnapped! It's up to sassy teenage detective Francy Droo to solve the mystery!

I wrote and illustrated the game. It has six different endings, and I hope my mom won't be too mad when she sees it. (She'll probably get stuck on the first puzzle.) If she asks, tell her that the crazy mother-in-law at the wedding is based on my fiancée's mom, okay?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


After a lot of work, I've finished my fanfiction page! That is, every single story I have is completed, for the first time in years.

I have no plans to start any new stories, except maybe a DragonBall Z story called "Groundhog Day". The story is that Gohan is stuck on the first day of the school, and he has to relive the day over and over and over again.

I got this idea, after reading four "Gohan goes to high school" stories in a row. I have no idea why there are so many fanfics about Gohan's first day of high school, considering that the show dedicated 1-2 episodes to that day. I mean, I know people like the high school Gohan storyline, because it's one of the few comedy/romance parts of the show, but still. He went to high school for years. No need to focus on one particular day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nancy Drew Convention

I'm still trying to figure out what I'll do this summer. I'm sort of like a horse with blinders on, right now; it's hard to focus on anything besides the wedding and honeymoon.

But here's something fun! The Nancy Drew Games people will be attending the Nancy Drew conference in Iowa City! It's from next Thursday to Sunday, and wow, that's pretty soon! I have a (possible) hockey game to attend on that Sunday, but it's still fun to dream of attending.

Maybe next year.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ridiculous Plan

I noticed I have about 75 games on my "games to play" list. At my current schedule of "play one game per week", I won't finish anytime this year. I feel bad about that, and I feel bad about passing up on walkthroughs for new games, just 'cause I've got so many old games to burn through.

So here's a ridiculous plan. What if I did something crazy like a 20-day marathon? Every day, I play a full game, from start to finish. Most likely, it'd be me playing these games for the first (and only) time.

I would record the marathon now, and post the videos during the weeks of my marriage / honeymoon week. After all, there's no chance I'll be able to record videos, during those weeks.

Question: How long of a break I should have after the "20 games in 20 days" marathon, just to give people time to catch up?

(Random side note: I don't know how Your Gibs managed a "buy me games" link thing on his YouTube, but that'd be a nice feature for me to enable. So viewers could, like, pick which games I play. But mainly it's nice because I could get free games, sweet, yes, I like that.)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Walkthrough Work

I've recently been doing walkthroughs for GameFAQs. Specifically, I've been doing walkthroughs for the Shall We Date? series. The series is up to 25+ games at this point; I think they've released a new one every 3-4 months for the past few years. I've played three of their games: Guilty Alice, Lost Island and Wizardess Heart.
Sadly, GameFAQs doesn't have an up-to-date list. It only has eight of the games listed. Of course, the only three games I've played aren't included on the list.
Still, writing walkthroughs for this series is super easy. Basically, all I have to do is copy/paste the list of correct responses, from one of the dating sim walkthrough sites. I can have a new walkthrough finished and ready to go, in under fifteen minutes.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Wedding and Seven Rings

My Wedding and Seven Rings is one of the newest iPhone dating sims. I thought I would check it out, because I'm getting married.

The premise of the game is that you are some random woman, working at a Japanese company. The company's CEO died yesterday, and before he died, he hand-picked six men to serve as the company's new "special corporate executives". He also picked you to win "Secretary of the Week", or something like that.

The new CEO says that you need to sign a contract, in order to get your award. You sign it, and surprise! It's a trick! Now you have to marry one of the six special corporate executives.

It turns out that the dead CEO was secretly your grandfather. Instead of grooming you to be his successor, like a normal person would, he decided you're too stupid to run a company by yourself. So he set up this elaborate scheme, to trick you into marrying someone who won't destroy the business. Grandpa claims that he did it, because he loves you and wants to see you happy, but that's obviously a lie.

The various men you can date include characters who were copy/pasted from another game, a pervert who gropes you and a man who says you are the ugliest woman he's ever seen. At this point in time, the only available pathway is for the jerk who thinks you're ugly. He continues acting like a jerk, and he constantly insults you. The game says he wants you to marry him, but that's not the message I'm getting from his behavior. Maybe he's trying to use reverse psychology?

Anyway, it costs $4 to unlock the rest of his story, with an extra $2 for his epilogue or his side story. He's clearly not worth it, so I decided to delete the app.

Friday, April 17, 2015

San Jose Sharks

Every year, I check out the National Hockey League, to see how the San Jose Sharks are doing. They're my favorite team, and they usually make the playoffs. That is, they've made the playoffs for twelve years straight now. Pretty good, right?

Too bad they never win the playoffs. In fact, they've never made it to the final round of the playoffs, ever. And last year, they had a record-breaking playoff elimination. Maybe this year, they'll turn things around?

No. They, um...didn't make the playoffs this year, for the first time since 2003.

It seems that the team completely fell apart, at the end of the season this year. In the final three months, they lost 19 times, and they won 13 times. That's a 40% win ratio. When you lose more than you win, it's hard to make the playoffs.

The sad thing is that they finished the season, exactly five wins away from making the playoffs. So close, yet so far!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book Reviews

1. What YouTube category do book reviews go in? All my videos go into the "gaming" category by default, but that's not accurate for the book reviews.

2. I'm going to review the Girl Detective books, all the way to #29. Then I'm switching over to the 2007 Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys Supermystery series. Then I'm reviewing a set of Baby-Sitters Club books. Then I'll finish the Girl Detective series.

3. I need to update my Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys Supermystery reviews. Book 7's review needs to be updated, because I was wrong about the author's identity. Book 35's review needs to be updated, because it is super-long. As in, 27 minutes long. It's one of the four super-long reviews I did, when I started reviewing books. I halfway want to replace them all with new, shorter reviews, but that'd be a lot of work...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Annoying Finale Chapters

A lot of Nancy Drew books have annoying finale chapters, which take place a week later. Is there a TV Trope category for this? Because there should be.

Here's the pattern. In the penultimate chapter, Nancy has a big showdown with the culprit. She "defeats" the culprit, whether that means running away, stalling until the police arrive, or physically attacking the culprit. The finale chapter takes place a week later, when the mystery is over and done with. Nancy is usually talking to her friends, and she casually ties up one or two loose plot ends. The end.

The "finale chapter which takes place a week after" annoys me, because, by its very nature, it's totally removed from the main story. By skipping ahead a week, you just skipped over anything and everything that could be of interest to the reader.

Say the mystery was about a sports competition. In the finale chapter, we're told what the result of the competition was. No, we don't get to see the competition ourselves. We get told about it, second-hand. Even if the competition was important enough to be the focus of the entire book, it wasn't important enough to actually be IN the book.

I think all of the Nancy Drew games do this; Nancy stops the culprit, and you get told what happened a week later. The games usually handle this pretty well, but I could totally understand if, for example, some players were upset that they never got to see the play in Labyrinth of Lies.

I mention this, because I just finished reading Gold Medal Murder, which is Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Supermystery 4. The finale chapter was awful. It was as short as possible, almost like the author wrote it, only because they had to. It skipped over the big event--the victims winning the Olympics--and it didn't even try to explain any the loose plot ends. These loose plot ends include the culprit's motive, in multiple instances. It really made me upset.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fire Emblem Gaiden

My walkthrough this week is Fire Emblem Gaiden! This game is my favorite in the series; it does unique things that others games don't, such as repeatable battles, weapons that never wear out, and a magic system that's based on HP, not magic points.

A few big Fire Emblem fans have started watching the videos, and they've been making comments like "a healing space boosts evasion by 60%". I kind of wish there was a database, which explained all these things. I've checked Serenes Forest, but, um...I don't understand all the terminology they use. For example, they say the experience you get from killing an enemy is "min ({Enemy’s Class EXP x (Enemy’s Level + 9)/10)}, 255) x Class strength x Level Factor/100 [ignore fractions]". I...I have no idea what that means.

The translation I have is garbage, so I've been forced to make up the story, as I go along. Now the game is about the great American / Canadian War of 1997!

Monday, April 13, 2015


Did I mention I love the Animorphs books? They're pretty awesome. I would do YouTube reviews for them, but someone else is already doing that.

Animorphs is a series where our heroes can turn into any animal they want. Also, they need to stop aliens from taking over the world. The premise is interesting, the books are funny and entertaining, and it was basically the 1990's equivalent of The Hunger Games.

The series was rock solid, until about Book 30. Then the ghostwriters took over, and things got a little weird. We got books with premises like "Cassie visits Australia!", "Let's learn about human biology by going inside Marco's body!" and "Jake had a fight at a donut shop, so now he's in an alternate future!". There's also the "one ghostwriter was hired twice, so they wrote a direct sequel to their first book", which occasionally happens with the Nancy Drew series.

The ghostwriters basically wrote the series into the ground. The original author resumed control, and she decided to officially end the series with a ten-book story arc. It was super dramatic, and it was also written by ghostwriters. I only read the finale arc once, and I remember it being okay. Not as good as the opening arc to the series.

I mention the ghostwriter stuff, because I didn't learn about it until adulthood. It totally explains why I lost interest in the series, at that point in time. So, overall, I'd say I love the series, except for the half that was done by ghostwriters.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Summer is coming up, and I'm not sure what to do with my YouTube channel. Maybe I'll do a Zelda game in between other walkthroughs, like I've done in previous years.

The question is what will happen with Mary. We can put her in half-day daycare, full-day daycare, or no daycare whatsoever. The amount of time I have to spend watching Mary directly affects how many videos I can make, and I'm getting married, so...a decision about the summer schedule will have to be made soon.

I had an easier time picking what games to play! I just ran the list of games I own, into the the list randomizer. Does this look good to everyone? I'll probably start these games in June, and I'll probably change the list a few times.

Samantha Swift 2
Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death
Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Tiger Eye 1
Tiger Eye 2
Nancy Drew DS
Mystery of the Ancients 1
Mystery of the Ancients 2
Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel
Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2
Spirit Walkers
Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice - German
Spy Fox: Some Assembly Required
Azada: In Libro
Midnight Mysteries 6: Ghost Writer
Professor Garfield
Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden
Pepper's Adventures in Time
Dracula: Love Kills
Awakening: The Sunhook Spire

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mystery Case Files

This week (and last week), I played Mystery Case Files games! First was Dire Grove.

Then was Dire Grove, Sacred Grove, the sequel.

Previously, I've played Shadow Lake, which was my favorite out of the three. I also have Fate's Carnival and 13th Skull, which I should play eventually. Maybe if these walkthroughs are popular. Dire Grove, Sacred Grove was the most recent entry in the series.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Wedding Songs

For the past four months or so, I've been keeping track of songs, for the wedding reception. Basically, whenever a good song came on the radio, I had my phone run the "tell me what song this is" program, and I took a screenshot of the song name/artist. Here's the list so far!
  1. LMFAO: Party Rock Anthem
  2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Can't Hold Us
  3. Darude: Sandstorm
  4. Earth, Wind and Fire: September
  5. The Police: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
  6. Billy Idol: Mony, Mony
  7. The Doobie Brothers: Listen to the Music
  8. Ace of Base: The Sign
  9. Van Morrison: Wild Night
  10. Elvis Presley: ??? [I've been told we need at least one Elvis song, but I don't know any Elvis songs that would be appropriate. Does he have any slow songs?]
  11. The Human League: Don't You Want Me
  12. Mark Ronson: Uptown Funk
  13. Nick Jonas: Jealous
  14. Calloway: I Wanna Be Rich
  15. Run-DMC: It's Tricky
  16. Billy Preston: Outta-Space
  17. Tears for Fears: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  18. REO Speedwagon: Take It On the Run
  19. Bananarama: Venus
  20. Van Halen: Jump
  21. Nena: 99 Luft Balloons
  22. Kool and the Gang: Celebration
  23. Men Without Hats: Safety Dance
  24. Survivor: Eye of the Tiger
  25. Madonna: Holiday
  26. Simple Minds: Don't You Forget About Me
  27. Journey: Don't Stop Believing
  28. Fleetwood Make: Don't Stop
  29. Fine Young Cannibals: She Drives Me Crazy
  30. The Eagles: Hotel California
  31. Naked Eyes: Always Something There to Remind Me
  32. Joan Jett and the Blackheats: I Love Rock n Roll
  33. Bee Gees: Stayin' Alive
  34. Santanna: Smooth
  35. Rick Springfield: Jessie's Girl
  36. The Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling
  37. Queen: We Will Rock You (Fast)
  38. The Police Don't Stand So Close to Me
  39. Tom Cochrane: Life Is A Highway
Keep in mind, this is unofficial. I don't know what the list will look like, after Katie (and my mom) do some editing. Also, I need to go through my music collection and add songs, like Hanson's Mmmbop and probably fifteen They Might Be Giants songs.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


1. I heartily recommend The Reader's Guide to Recycled Literature, in Salem, Oregon. This used bookstore was the best, out of all the ones I visited on my spring break vacation. I might go so far, as to say it's better than the famous Powell's bookstore in Portland. Why? I tried to sell some of my Nancy Drew Files books to Powell's, but I was rejected because I had too many books, and because that series was "not popular enough".

Like most book places, Powell's doesn't make much effort to stock anything, besides the original, yellow-back Nancy Drew series. If you're looking for one of the hundreds of Nancy Drew books written after 1981, your odds of finding it are a matter of luck.

Salem's store had a good supply of Nancy Drew books, from all the various Nancy Drew series. They even had a complete set of "Nancy Drew on Campus", the spinoff series where she goes to college! I had to prevent myself from buying all of them, on the spot. So, yes, I definitely recommend this store!

2. I also would recommend Brewster Rockit, a consistently funny comic strip that does a great job of being topical, even though it's not set in the modern day. He has two books available on the iTunes store, although they're made up of the older strips.

3. Finally, I really like Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy comic strip. It's very simple, and also very solid. I love the art style, and my family members also enjoy it. I don't like the modern version of the strip, which is mostly about country music and Nancy's attractive aunt going on nostalgia trips.

The same company behind The Complete Peanuts is making an effort to publish all the Nancy strips. So far, they've published three books, which contain all the strips from 1943 to 1951. Sundays aren't included. The full strip ran from 1925 to 1982, so they've got a lot of work left to do! They seem to be releasing new books, at the rate of one every other year.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Sometimes, it feels like I've forgotten 90% of college and high school. Especially math. I was in the advanced math program for most of my schooling, and now I couldn't tell you what a derivative is.

The things that I remember clearly are all embarrassing. Like, the 1940's style play I wrote for playwriting class, which bombed spectacularly. Or the time I had a nervous breakdown in the housing department. The time I failed my presentation in English class. And I really hope that all those videos I was in have been destroyed forever, because they were awful.

I should note that most of these embarrassing moments have been forgotten by everyone, except me.

On a positive note, though, I can't remember most of the girl drama I went through. I remember it was super stressful and scary at the time. In general, teenage girls are the thing that teenage boys are most afraid of. I'm sure there are some exceptions, like teenage boys who are most afraid of spiders. But teenage girls are still in their top ten fears.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Little Pony Reviews

Mary wanted to do reviews for the new episodes of My Little Pony. I think this is just an excuse for her to play with her reflection in the camera. Anyway, Season 5 started off with a two-part episode where our heroes join a cult!

I agreed to do this, for a month. Hopefully, it will be an unpopular project, and she won't have good reason to make me review EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Pony is sort of like Star Trek for me. I'll watch an episode once, but I rarely find an episode that is so good, it deserves rewatching.

But then again, I watch soaps. I'm used to never rewatching shows.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Nancy Drew 13 - Speedrun

People seemed amazed at the idea of doing the first half of Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon in one trip. Here's my strategy.

• Talk to Charleena and the Hardy Boys. Leave the car.
• Sleeper Car: Solve the puzzle in the corner for a clue about Jake's pickaxe.
• John's Car: Do Camptown Races jumping game, turn left twice and pick up slug on couch. Talk to John, look at the grate.
• Tino's Car: Talk to Tino for another slug. Solve pipe puzzle here, use the two slugs to solve the scale puzzle.
• Work Car. Open the tool chest on right; get stuff from the top three drawers. At the end of this car, turn left and enter N V R Z T B A A into Chinese pagoda. (You don't need to solve the letter puzzle in the caboose to get the code, first.) Solve puzzle blocking door to caboose.
• Caboose: Talk to Lori. Read her letter. Take and send photo of the dancing shoes to Bess and George. Call them. Get socket wrench.
• Tino's Car. Under periodic table, do the (silver is orange, blue, green, red, purple, yellow) thing to get the wheel and dance steps. Call Bess and George for doll clue. Get gem from base of the globe.
• Lori's Car. Do the steps to open doll cupboard. Put all the dolls in place to get a gem and slugs.
• Tino's Car. Solve the scales puzzle to open up the eagle and square in the first car.
• John's Car. Undo the grate with the wrench from Lori's.
• Sleeping Car. Get gem from goat's eye.
• Dining Car. Open the stove to learn what the engineer's name is. Get the gem from overhead lamp. Talk to the Hardy Boys about the engineer and Buell.
• Leave dining car and return. Talk to Hardys about engineer.

Hm. Looks like there is a little bit of backtracking, in order to get the periodic table thing from Tino's car. But you have to do the "leave the room and come back later" thing anyway, to give Bess and George time to solve the shoes puzzle. Same with giving the Hardys time to discover where the engineer stayed.

The second half of the game starts with you doing the games in Fatima's shop, and both of those are crazy random. So I pretty much stopped working on the speedrun there.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Great news, everyone! My Nancy Drew speedruns finally made it onto Speed Demos Archive! What a nice Easter surprise!

I'm not working on any speedruns right now, but I know which games I'd like to speedrun, eventually.
  • The Final Scene: I got some (three) tips on how to improve my last speedrun for the game. With them, I think it's possible to beat the game in under 30 minutes.
  • Alibi in Ashes: I got two tips on how to improve my last speedrun for the game. One is "skip the audio puzzle in Brenda's van". Another is "never use George for anything", which might be a timesaver.
  • Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: I already plotted out a speedrun for the first half of the game, which maximizes the route. Normally, when you play the game, you have to go back and forth, through the train, a couple of times. My route has Nancy take care of everything in one trip.
  • The Captive Curse: I have the official strategy guide now, which should help me defeat this game. The dumb monster never shows up when I want it to, which destroys the speedrun. Maybe the monster appearances deal with real-life time? (See next)
  • Creature of Kapu Cave: I'm 90% sure that the seashells on the beach appear, based on real life time. As in, wait five minutes of real time, and you get a new set of seashells on the beach. I want to figure out a way to manipulate this, perhaps by breaking the run up into segments, so I can trigger the "get Ulua bait early" glitch. The game also has a "get to Kapu Cave early" glitch, which could be useful!
  • Secrets Can Kill Remastered: I want to get the official strategy guide someday, and see if there is a faster way through the game. The route I came up with gives me the "Q" award. I suspect that it's possible to beat the game, without getting that award.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


I tried out a new schedule for March, where I upload one walkthrough per week. The walkthrough goes up Monday through Thursday, and on Saturday, there are bonus videos. (Usually book reviews).

Judging from the reaction, this plan wasn't good. Maybe people prefer videos uploaded on the weekends. Maybe people prefer a constant flow of videos. And maybe people don't like book reviews all the time.

I work about a month ahead, and I'm at a good stopping point right now. So the current schedule will continue, until it catches up to where I am now. Then I'll try something different. Sounds good to everyone?

April 6: Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove + Reviews
April 13: Fire Emblem Gaiden
April 20: League of Light + Reviews
April 27: Grim Façade: Sinister Obsession + Reviews
May 4: Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper + Reviews
May 12: Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness

By lucky coincidence, that means my last book review before the new Nancy Drew game is Girl Detective #29. This book is the unofficial end of the series. After that, they did the Girl Detective trilogies. Those are widely reviled as being some of the worst Nancy Drew books ever, so it's a perfect place to stop. Maybe a month-long break from the book reviews would be a good idea.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper

I had a Twitter contest, for someone to pick the next game I'll play. The winner picked Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper.

Next time, I should try out the game first, before automatically picking a winner. This game is bad. It's bad because 90% of the gameplay is fetch quests, and Sherlock moves more slowly than the lines at Disneyland. It's bad because Sherlock does the exact same animation, in every scene. It's bad because the controls are designed for the Xbox 360, not a computer, so getting out of awkward camera angles is a huge pain.

Also, the game is rated M. It has more sexual content and violence than anything else on my YouTube channel. I'm on the fence about doing this walkthrough.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Fools

I made three videos for April Fools Day. Here they are, from most popular to least popular!

I sometimes scream like that, for real, if I'm recording something and I mess up a take, six times in a row.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nancy Drew News Flash

Lots of Nancy Drew news today!

Her Interactive says that reaction to their newest song was so positive, they are including songs in ALL Nancy Drew games from now on! They've released a tentative list of upcoming song titles, including "The Bess Breakdance", "Nancy Drew Rap (feat. Jay-Z)" and "Do You Believe In Life After Mysteries?". In similar news, they announced the new voice of Nancy Drew: Zayn Malik! So that's why he left One Direction!

They also release details on their next game, Nancy Drew #33! It's called The Witch Tree Symbol. Nancy and her friends work together, to undo an ancient curse in Amish territory! The Amish people believe Nancy is a witch, and their suspicions are "confirmed" when the curse takes its latest victim: George. Nancy and Bess are horrified, when George is hit by magic light and turns into a man! Can Nancy undo the curse and find the real witch? Or will George be forced to use the men's room...forever?

Simon and Schuster's website has revealed that we get three Nancy Drew books this year. The first was Only Magicians Can Rob Unguarded Buildings, and the second will be Organic Food is Good For You. The third book will be released in September, and it's A Script for Danger. In this thrilling book, Nancy Drew becomes a soap opera star for a week! She plays Samantha Brady, and on her first day, she gets married to Rick Arlen's character. Things quickly go bad, when she starts getting death threats, she has encounters with crazy fans, and what's this? Rick says the marriage is for real!

[Edit: Simon and Schuster decided to update the description for "A Script for Danger" today. They must have been trying to ruin my April Fools' Day joke. Meanies.]