Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I am getting obsessed with speedruns. Every day, I check the speedrun website to see what the status is on my runs. The system they use has different processing stages.

1. Prep Work. You want to ensure your recording equipment works, before recording a run.

2. Run Application. Submit an application, saying "I'm doing a speedrun for [Game X]". Each run gets its own page.

3. Upload the run.

4. Get verifiers. Six people must review the run, to ensure that there is no cheating, that there are no big mistakes, etc. Ideally, these six (or more) people have played the game themselves. They will vote on whether or not to accept your speedrun. A moderator goes through everything and makes the official decision to accept or reject a run.

5. Public verification. If six people don't volunteer to verify your game, within a certain amount of time, it gets opened up to the public. That is, people who haven't played the game get the chance to review the speedrun and vote on it. After about a month, a moderator makes an official decision to accept or reject a run.

6. Postverification. I have no idea what this is.

7. Prepublish. Does this mean they're getting ready to put the run on the website, for public viewing? Oh, yeah, I didn't mention that earlier. If a run is in verification, only verifiers are allowed to see it.

8. Prerelease Check. That sounds like they're almost ready to release the run!

I have three runs, still in processing. My September run for The Deadly Device still has prepublish and prerelease check. My November run for Labyrinth of Lies only has prepublish left. My January run is still at the "get verifiers" stage. It's eligible for public verification right now, but there are so many games in the public verification lineup that they're doing a stagger release on them.

With the speedrun recordings, I have all the original files, on my backup computer, in case something goes wrong. Once the speedruns are finished processing, I'll delete those files. They take up a lot of room, because it's...what, two and a half hours of highest-possible-quality footage? It'd be nice to finally get them off my computer, to free up room for more speedrun videos.


Anonymous said...

So moderators have to watch & verify them or is the public allowed to verify them? I would love to be able to verify a video for you if the public can verify them.

Michael Gray said...

You need an account with SDA, in order to participate in public verification. I don't know what other requirements there are, if any.