Saturday, March 14, 2015

Schedule Update

Well, looks like I have to update the schedule from last week.

The surprise book reviews I was going to do with Mary? It was the Bailey School Kids series. I'm not completely throwing out the idea of doing videos with the six-year-old, but a whole week of nothing but Mary reviews is probably not the best idea. Here's the new schedule!

March 16: Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Under the Crimson Moon
March 23: Princess Isabella 2
March 30: Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove
April 6: Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove
April 13: Fire Emblem Gaiden
April 20: League of Light
April 27: Grim Fa├žade: Sinister Obsession
May 4: Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove got moved up, because it's short. As in, one hour long. So I'll beef up that week with an April Fools Day video, if I can think of a good joke. Right now, all I have in mind is a parody of that AWFUL YOUTUE VIDEOS that six-year-old Mary watches.

Fire Emblem Gaiden was pushed back a month, for safety reasons. This week's walkthrough, Dark Strokes, was a pretty big failure, in terms of views. Fire Emblem has the potential to be a big failure, too, simply because it's so different from the games I usually walkthrough. I figured it was best to push it back, rather than risk two big failures in the same month. Who knows? I originally thought Zelda: Ocarina of Time would be a failure of a walkthrough, and it ended up being popular! Maybe Fire Emblem will do the same thing!


Anonymous said...

I think you should play more well known games to get more views. For example, in an earlier post, you talked about maybe playing another zelda game or super mario galaxy. Wind Waker is my all time favorite walkthrough of yours. Those video games are always SUPER fun to watch, because the viewer can relate to the popular franchise games, verses a game that isn't well known. I have been a loyal viewer of you channel for years, and I sometimes skip over one of your walkthroughs because the game doesn't seem interesting. You said it yourself in this post that Ocarina of Time is really popular.

Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I enjoy watching your videos of the many walkthroughs that you do esp games that I've played which is mostly HOPA(Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) but like the DS games I skip those cause I don't have any interest in them. I also enjoy watching your Nancy Drew walkthroughs and your book reviews. As too what Anonymous said about well known games Mystery Case Files games are very popular so I think those videos should do very well.

Anonymous said...

I personally watch all your video game walkthroughs except for the ds games and I love every one of them

Natalie said...

I like all of your big franchise videos (Nancy Drew, Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, and Zelda), but I also like HOPA if its apart of a series or scary like. Personally, I would like to see more series *coughcoughZELDAcoughcough*
but it all depends on what looks interesting.

Abby said...

I can't wait for Sherlock Holmes + Jack the Ripper. That'll be interesting