Thursday, March 5, 2015

Schedule + Three Things

Here's the schedule I have for my YouTube channel. The idea is that there will be one new walkthrough, per week. The videos will go up on Monday through Thursday. If there are any book reviews, they'll go up on Saturday.

March 2: Shadow Wolf: Cursed Wedding + 1 book review
March 9: Dark Strokes: Legend of the Snow Kingdom + 2 book reviews
March 16: Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession + 2 book reviews
March 23: Fire Emblem Gaiden, Chapter 1
March 30: Princess Isabella 2
April 6: Professor Garfield: Online Safety + Surprise Book Reviews
April 13: League of Light: Wicked Harvest

1. Fire Emblem Gaiden and Princess Isabella 2 were both kind of long, so I'm not doing any review videos, on those weeks.

2. I'm doing with surprise book reviews with Mary, like I did once before. You'll have to guess which book series we're reviewing! Hint: it's about kids meeting monsters.

3. All seven of those games are part of a series, so I'll keep an eye on the viewcounts. Let's say Dark Strokes does amazingly well and gets 4,000 views per video! In that case, I'll probably pause the schedule, in order to play the other Dark Strokes game first. Or let's say Fire Emblem Gaiden Chapter 1 does really badly, like, 10 views per video. I won't bother to go ahead with the second chapter.

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Mike said...

Speaking of videos, you and your viewers should check out the CinemaSins-style video I did for Trail of the Twister: