Friday, March 13, 2015

Professor Garfield

Today, I'm playing Professor Garfield: Internet Safety! Watch as a fat cat teaches children to stay away from Internet prowlers!

I decided to play this game, because the other Professor Garfield game I did has become ridiculously popular. As in, it regularly appears in the "top ten most viewed videos" list. 4400 views so far this year, with 12,000 views last year! I have no idea why a random video from 2012 has gotten so much attention!

In the time period listed above, I got a grand total of three comments on the video. Three comments, on 16,000 views. Two of them are from people, who were forced to watch the video in class. Is that why the video is popular? Are schools regularly using my silly YouTube videos to teach children?

I think there are two more Professor Garfield games, so I might go back to them in the future.


Abby said...

Wow that's so cool! Congrats!

Katie Nelson said...

I'd be honored to have students watch my videos in class if I did Youtube videos. That's really cool!!!