Sunday, March 29, 2015

Princess Isabella

This week, on my YouTube channel, I played the second Princess Isabella game with my family.

I also did four book reviews! This includes The Nancy Drew Cookbook that I've been working on for a while!

Next week is going to be a little crazy with videos. There's an April Fools Day joke video, where I parody a popular (?) YouTuber. I don't know how popular she is; all I know is that all the kids in Mary's kindergarten class watch her stuff. I might also make a Soap Opera video, where I recap everything that happened last week on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. Just because. Seems like an appropriate April Fools video.

The walkthrough that week is Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, which is six videos long. I'll start the walkthrough, then immediately pause it for April Fools. On Saturday, Mary and I will do two videos, of a new project. (She insisted on doing a project with me.) We'll try it out for a month and see how it goes.


Olivia said...

Have you ever heard about the TV series called Veronica Mars?

Abby said...

Mary's cute!

Anonymous said...

coming home and seeing four new book reviews made my day. :D Also I love how skittish the girl detective series is of making any of the crimes serious or tragic. "The animal shelter was burned down! ...but thankfully none of the animals were hurt." ;P