Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness - Cover

Behold, cover art for the next Nancy Drew game!

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In news taken from their website, the game itself is finished, and work on the next game has started. I'm excited! It sort of looks like Nancy is going to solve a mystery on a haunted pirate ship! I've played at least two other (AWESOME) games with that premise.


Abby said...

AW YEAH!! I was waiting for this! I can't wait to see you play it!! YEAH SO EXCITED!!!

Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I like the cover it's really cool I can't wait to watch you play it!

Katie Nelson said...

Dear Michael,
Yeah!!! The cover art is REALLY cool!!! I can't wait to start playing!!!! It is gonna be SO awesome!!!!! Love, Katie-Nancy Drew
P.S. Make sure you set a course for danger and discovery! (;

Anonymous said...

Oh man why must all the Nancy Drew games be so awesome I must own them? I'll add this to my wishlist. :P

Violet said...

SOOOO looking forward to this game! Not to mention your walkthrough. :)