Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mary's Birthday

Mary had her sixth birthday recently, and we threw her a party at a gymnastics area. Basically, we rented the place for two hours. Most of the time was spent with two coaches, who led the kids through various games and swinging on trapezes. We didn't have time for opening presents. There was a little time for food, but nothing more complicated than sandwiches and cupcakes.

The cake we made was a fancy Monster High cake. Mary saw a YouTube video about it, and she wanted us to make it. You build the cake around a doll, and with the right frosting, the cake looks like a large dress. Mary was in charge of holding the cake, when we drove to the party.

She dropped it on the floor of the car. Ten minutes before the party.

So we had to get a replacement cake, but there was no replacement cake. Hence, us giving out cupcakes. I think Mary enjoyed the party, but it was pretty expensive, even though we only had eight kids. We probably won't have another big birthday party for her, for a few years.


Katie said...

We do a "big" party for my daughter only once every 3 years or so, because they are expensive and a lot of work, and also, because honestly, too many presents is a headache rather than a good thing. My daughter had a big 7th birthday party, so I told her she could have another one when she's 10 or so. Other years, we let her pick a special friend and we have a fun day out doing something with just the two girls. It works out really well!

Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I'm glad Mary had a good time. Yeah you don't need to have a big expensive party for er very year doing something small with a few of her friends is nice. My niece Jade usually has her friend Joy over and they go to Chucky Cheese for a few hours. Then when she come over to my house we have a small party for her and LOVES Monster High too!

Abby said...

I had a "dress" cake once, with a barbie doll. The doll bent backwards a lot, and looked like she was playing "how low can you go" or whatever that game is.