Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lost Island+

In the past few weeks, I've been playing Lost Island Plus. I'd write a review for it, but I don't have too much to say. It's a dating sim, which takes place during a zombie uprising. I played the game, mainly for the premise.

The game's main problem is that it doesn't know if it wants to be a romantic dating sim, or a gritty zombie killer game. It oscillates haphazardly between the two. So in one segment, our heroes escape the zombies and hide in a cabin. In another, the heroes make out inside the cabin.

In the end, our heroes find the cure to the zombie virus, and they return to Japan, where they get married. The game becomes way less interesting, at this point. Sorry, but the characters aren't interesting enough to carry the story, by themselves. Without the fear of imminent zombie death, the characters devolve into saying, "I love you." "No, I love you" over and over.

I'm playing through a second storyline right now, but the instant it gets boring, I'm deleting the app and moving on to a new game.


Anonymous said...

I've finished every character for Lost Island + and even though romance is boring I loved the game

Abby said...

oh haha. very interesting. Quite strange, too. I can see the whole "romance and action mixed" thing, but if it's that bad then why the heck bother making the game?