Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hockey is getting exciting again! They're coming up on the end of the season, and everyone's fighting for a playoff slot!

The local minor league team has clinched a playoff spot. Right now, they're battling a team in Washington, for first place in the local division. (Neither team has a chance of winning first place overall; a Canadian team already got it.) This has been fun to watch, since it's a big back-and-forth. The two teams are almost even, and whenever someone jumps ahead, the other team catches up.

In the major leagues, my team of choice is the San Jose Sharks. Things are going to be tough for them, because there's basically a five-way tie for second and third place in the local division. That means the race changes pretty much every day. It's fun to keep track of!

[Note: In between my writing this post, and it being posted, the Sharks started losing all the time. It's like they want to not be in the playoffs this year.]

So I'll be keeping an eye on the standings for the new few weeks. Eventually, the "who gets to be in the playoffs" game comes to a finish, when all the playoff spots are clinched. At that point, things turn into a "who gets to play who in the playoffs" game. I hope my teams do well! Or at least, I hope the Sharks don't have a tremendous breakdown in the playoffs, again.

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