Thursday, March 26, 2015


Guess what? The Hardy Boys database keeps track of the various Hardy Boys ghostwriters. They know one of the authors for the five 1980's books I read.

Granted, knowing 20% of the authors isn't so great, but it's better than nothing! "Nothing" is what we have for the ghostwriters of the 1980's Nancy Drew series. 124 books, and no known authors.

(Rumor has it that there is a secret Yahoo Group, which has a list of most of the ghostwriters. I haven't seen it.)

Since the Hardy Boys fans are so on top of things, they've discovered the authors of the Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys series. I reviewed three books in that series, and they know the authors for two of them.

This is kind of awkward now. The authors of Buried in Time are Peter Lerangis and Larry Mike. I guessed it was the one Nancy Drew author, who was a professor in Oklahoma. In fact, that's a running joke in my review, since the book's victim is an Oklahoma professor. Should I go back and update my original review, to account for this new information?

I also want to go back and update the first few book reviews I did--the really long, awkward ones where I read portions of the book out loud. (I did that because I was imitating the guy who does Animorphs book reviews.)

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