Friday, March 6, 2015

Copyright Troubles

Gee, Michael, you have videos done, all the way up to April 20th? Isn't that overkill?

It is not! See, I'm still suffering from those copyright troubles that happened in October. To make a long story short, I did a video commentary for a dating sim game that no longer exists. You can't find it in the online Android / Apple stores anymore. That didn't stop the game's owners from slapping my channel with two copyright strikes and a threat that if I step one toe out of line, my channel is getting deleted.

The copyright strikes have a six-month limit. The first one disappears on April 25th, at which point, I will breathe a sigh of relief. The second one disappears on October 25th. At least, that's the plan. It could turn out that YouTube hates me, in which case, I'm waiting until October for both strikes to disappear at the same time.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I think the copyright strikes will disappear I don't know why you got them in the first place. If I can help you in any way with youtube let me know cause I would really hate for you channel to get deleted. I know it won't happen but if I can help you please let me know. Cause I love and enjoy your channel very much!

Abby said...

Wow why two? That's a bit extreme. At least it's going away soon!

Katie Nelson said...

Yeah I remember that game. The copyright strikes were really stupid. But hey, at least you'll have 1 of the strikes gone!!!! AND you'll be playing Nancy Drew around that time!!!! So turn that frown upside down and be happy in April cause you just got May-ed!!! (See what I did there - "See you at 7 cause you just got Nined!") Can't to watch you play :).