Monday, March 2, 2015

Cooking Measurements

I'm one recipe away from finishing The Nancy Drew Cookbook. The last recipe I cooked was Crooked Bannister Cornbread, and it was not very good. It's a traditional cornbread recipe from the 50's, or something like that, so it only contains a tablespoon of sugar. The current recipe, printed on the corn meal box, calls for a cup of sugar.

Needless to say, Nancy's recipe is nowhere near as sweet-tasting as the modern one.

The cornbread recipe calls for a cup of flour. When I prepared it, Katie cried aloud and stopped me. I was using this measuring cup:

But apparently, that's wrong! I need to use this completely different, and much smaller measuring cup:

Even though they are nowhere near the same size, both measurements are called a cup. It has something to do with the difference between solids and liquids. Still, this was news to me! I've always used the liquid-sized cup for baking.

...This might explain why all my attempts at baking have been huge disasters.


Katie Nelson said...

Lol "might be"? It probably is at least 1 reason why your cooking skills are disasterous. I don't know how well Katie can cook but from the looks of it, Katie knows at least a little more about cooking then you do. You need to sit down and take a cooking class from Katie. :p

Anonymous said...

Katie is so awesome; Michael, you are in good hands! :)