Monday, March 30, 2015

Bailey School Kids #4: Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball

Bailey School Kids #4 is called Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball. The gym teacher has new assistant called Mr. O'Grady, who teaches everyone how to do Irish dance. O'Grady is short, and he enjoys tricks, so the Bailey kids think that he's a leprechaun.

The book doesn't spend much time on Mr. O'Grady. Instead, the focus is put on an ancient feud between vampires and leprechauns. The leprechauns used to rule the world, until a vampire teacher was hired by the Leprechaun King. She worked as a mole for a while, and she stole a magical artifact called the fairy stone. Now leprechauns are cursed, and they want to get the stone back.

The feud plays out between O'Grady and Mrs. Jeepers, the vampire teacher. The Bailey kids immediately side with their teacher, and they help stop O'Grady from stealing Mrs. Jeepers' green stone/brooch. Melody uses the "look a leprechaun in the eye" trick to force O'Grady to go back home. The end.

I liked this book. Mrs. Jeepers is always interesting, and I liked seeing her fight against her biggest rival. I might even say she stole the show, in this book. Mr. O'Grady wasn't as interesting as he could have been. The dude played one trick on Eddie, and that was it. Come on, you can do more with a leprechaun character than that! Why not have a search for his pot of gold? Or do something with the gift of gab?

The leprechaun trick wasn't very good, either. Eddie wanted to ruin class, by setting basketballs loose. Mr. O'Grady made all the basketballs roll towards Eddie, and Eddie had to dodge them. I find it odd that scene was the basis for the book's title. "Leprechauns Don't Teach Gym" would be a more accurate title. I halfway feel like they included the basketball scene, just so they could have a basketball title.

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