Friday, March 20, 2015

Bailey School Kids #1: Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots

Mary and I were going to do reviews for all the books in the Bailey School Kids series. Those plans were discarded, but there's no reason I can't write up the reviews on my blog.

Book 1 is Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots. The premise is that the third grade class at Bailey Elementary is made up of some really, really horrible kids. They misbehave so badly that their teacher quits. The replacement teacher is named Mrs. Jeepers, and some kids think she's a vampire.

Mrs. Jeepers has a hypnotizing effect on the class, and everyone starts to behave. This upsets Eddie, who doesn't like vampires or doing schoolwork. He starts misbehaving worse and worse, as the book goes on. Eventually, Mrs. Jeepers' eyes flash, she rubs her magical green brooch, and she takes Eddie outside to the hallway. When they come back inside, Eddie is as pale as a sheet. He says he will never misbehave again. The end.

I really disliked that ending. What did Mrs. Jeepers say to Eddie in the hallway? We never find out! The book builds up to a big confrontation between these two characters, but we never see the confrontation. It takes place offscreen, and we don't even get a second hand explanation of what happened. I thought that was a huge disappointment.

Besides for the ending, the book is pretty solid. Mrs. Jeepers is an interesting character, whether or not she's a vampire. I liked seeing her deal with the misbehaving students, without getting angry or being mean. She appears regularly in the series, and she continues to be rather interesting. So I guess the series got off to a good start! It started with the most interesting monster.


Emily said...

I loved these books as a kid. If you wanted to review these books on your own I'd definitely watch the videos.

Anonymous said...

I used to loved these books! I owned a bunch of them, and I always really liked the "monster" of each book.

Katie Nelson said...

Dear Michael,
I liked the Bailey School Kids too. :p. Such fond memories of those because those were kind of my first books with monsters in them. Love, Katie-Nancy Drew
P.S. I would watch your Bailey School Kids reviews, no matter what you did with them. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should at least do one review with Mary and see if it's popular, these books were my childhood and I still love them. my favorite was the Mermaid one cuz I am a Mermaid!! ;) ;) ;)