Sunday, February 15, 2015

YouTube Posting

Okay, constantly posting videos on YouTube has been a little hectic for me! I guess I'm not cut out to be a member of the "post a new video every single day" crowd. Not since my weekends became filled up with family life!

It makes me stressed out, because I feel like I'm always playing catch-up to a deadline. I feel like it's demanding too much of viewers, too. Like, say you didn't check YouTube during the week I did the Regeria Hope walkthrough. You're basically out of luck, now. Your odds of finding it are low.

I think I'll try out a different system. One walkthrough per week? That seems doable. I post two or three videos a day, from Monday to Thursday. And that gives people a chance to watch videos on the weekend! I'm not sure how random review videos will work into this schedule, but I think it seems like a good idea.


Katie said...

Family comes first! Do what works for your schedule.

Katie Nelson said...

I agree Katie! (Says Katie lol) Family comes first :). Also, I like the 1 walkthrough per week idea. It sounds like a good plan. Btw hi :D.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I watch another YouTuber that only posts a video every other day and if you need to do that then you should. We watch you cuz you make us laugh and even if it's weird, we love you (no, Katie does not need to be concerned) and just cuz your getting married doesn't mean we hate you now cuz you don't have as much free time! We are so happy for you! I'm ecstatic, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take a hike and think about their life choices, calm down, no need to stress about such trivial things! :D :D :D