Friday, February 13, 2015

Weird Dream

I had a weird dream the other day. I was putting on a play about Nancy Drew, and I was cast in the lead role as Nancy. But it was the day of the performance and no one was prepared. The dress rehearsal was our only rehearsal.

Carson Drew was playing himself in the play, and he was confused as to why George was a girl, when she has a boy's name. I calmly explained about George's name to him. Um...shouldn't Nancy's father know who George is?

The play ended up being interrupted by a concert put on by 1990's celebrities.


Justice said...

Ah yes, the realm of the subconscious's a bizarre place. I'm somehow not surprised to hear that you dream about Nancy Drew stuff. :D

On an entirely different note:

(Very, very belated) congratulations on your engagement! I've been away from your blog for FAR too long, just revisited it tonight, and scrolled down the page to find that you were talking about wedding plans (!). May God bless you and Katie.

Anonymous said...

That's weird...but awesome!!! Hahaha