Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wedding Invitations

Here's an update on the wedding invitations. I sent a message about the invitations, to the designer person.

I know a little bit about typesetting, because I did book editing a few years back. I was able to tell that the proposed invitations weren't really capitalized. They were lowercase letters, in an all-caps font! (I knew this, because the numbers were about a third larger than the letters. Numbers are always the size of capital letters, since there are no lowercase numbers.)

So I was able to prove to the designer person that I know what I'm talking about, as opposed to me being a crazy person. Things went smoothly after that, and the designer put out three revised designs, based on my comments. In the end, we decided to go with the "EVERYTHING IS IN BIG, BULKY CAPITAL LETTERS" scheme. That way, the invitations would be easier to read. Because in case you don't know, wedding invitations are tiny and hard to read, in general.

As for the RSVPs, it turns out that the generic wedding RSVP has a line that says, "M_________". The idea is that you write your name with something that begins with the letter "M", such as "Mr.", "Mrs." or "Monkey Island Superfan". That's not ideal, because I'm inviting some people with titles that don't start with "M". Priests and doctors, for example. But we decided to go with the generic RSVP anyway. The wedding website is listed on the invitations, and people can always RSVP there. Or, you know, they could Facebook me. :)


Justice said...

Glad you got that ironed out, Michael. It never ceases to exasperate me how people (i.e. professionals whom you want the services of) will try to talk you into doing things in a way that isn't really what you wanted, thereby forcing you to argue with them.

Katie Nelson said...

@Justice Yes! They'll trick you into doing things you don't want sometimes, when it's better to do what you want.