Friday, February 20, 2015

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Katie and I tried to order wedding invitations the other day. The designer person got back to us, and completely changed everything on the invitation. Their reasoning? We did things which "are not customary in stationery etiquette". Here's a list of all the rules the designer wants to enforce.

1. No abbreviations. I can kind of understand this, but is it honestly a big deal if we put "St." instead of "Street"?

2. No upper-case letters. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL. It might look "stylish" to have an invitation in all caps or no caps, but I am not E. E. Cummings, nor am I shouting at invitees. I demand to have capital letters in my invitation!

3. No numerals. That is, we can't write something like "February 23". It must be "February Twenty-Third". I can kind of understand this, but it seems like a large waste of space.

4. No ending punctuation. Um, no. Sentences have punctuation, good designer. I don't believe that "it's customary in stationery
etiquette for each line to be read as a separate statement." If everything line is separate, why is it customary for stationery to have paragraph breaks? Why can you split up something, like an address, over multiple lines? And why do YOU use periods at the end of your sentences, if you believe they are unnecessary?

5. No year. It's presumed that the wedding is happening this year, not next year. Well...we never sent out "save the date" cards, so it might be a good idea to keep the year. Just in case.

6. Website link cannot contain "http://". Okay, that's not etiquette. That's just the designer trying to make the website address a little shorter.

7. No zip code in addresses. Um...doesn't seem like a smart move to me.


Katie said...

Lol. Put your foot down on the ones that matter to you. :) I don't know that any of this is really "etiquette". Who is offended if your invitation includes a year, or numerals, or a period!?!?

Anonymous said...

...why? Those are really weird!

Emily said...

Lol. She has like half of these wrong. You are definitely supposed to put the full web address and zip code to make sure people can find things correctly.

You're also definitely supposed to use normal capitals.

Honestly, unless this is part of a wedding package you've already paid for I'd just get some invitations on the internet. Anne's Bridal Bargains and Wedding Paper Divas have really nice designs and they're much more inexpensive than most other places.

Paul said...

To add on to what Emily said: We used to make our invitations, and there weren't any weirdos trying to ruin everything. If it's not too late I'd suggest checking them out!

Katie Nelson said...

2.I can understand why this would be, but I think capitals and lowercase is fine. Ex: Michael and Katie's Wedding
3.I'd prefer numerals, I think they're fine even though I know a lot of people probably don't use them.
4. Personally, if it's a line, don't use it, but if you want to put multiple sentences or paragraphs, then yes, go ahead. Ex: 1.Room: Auditorium 2.Welcome to the wedding!It will be an event to remember!

Michael Gray said...

Funny that Wedding Paper Divas was suggested, since those are the people I'm talking about! I'll give an update when/if I can. My fiancée doesn't like me talking about the wedding invitations, because that might make some uninvited people upset.

Abby said...

I really think since it's YOUR invitation to YOUR wedding, it's only fair that YOU get to choose what goes on it. It's stupid not to put the year or the zip code.

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