Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Speedrunning Marathon

Now that I'm a semi-official member of the speedrun community, I was thinking about volunteering at one of their big marathons! The way it works is that all the attendees submit a list of speedruns that they can do. This is used to create the final schedule for the marathon.

There is a selection process, because they normally get way more submissions than they can possibly accept. I was going to submit some Nancy Drew runs! I also have some popular old NES games that I can learn how to speedrun. A small part of me wants to do a 100% speedrun for Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but that involves a crazy amount of work. Also, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!

One ace I have up my sleeve is the ability to play super-old games on my computer. I'm talking Oregon Trail and Day of the Tentacle. Those games don't have any "official" speedruns for them, because most people can't play them without emulators.

It turns out that the summer marathon is July 26-Aug 1, in Minneapolis. That's a bit too far away for me to attend. I guess I'll wait for next year and see if they change the location. I'm told it's difficult for them to hold the marathons on the West Coast, but I can always hope!

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