Saturday, February 21, 2015

McKenzie and Co

I've been playing McKenzie and Company this week. It's kind of a shame that this game has been relegated to the trash heap of history. Sure, it's not the best game ever, but it's interesting enough.

The game was made in Flash, so it should be possible to get it working on modern machines. If I was in charge at Her Interactive or Digital Leisure (whoever owns the rights to the game now), I'd give that as a side project for one of the programmers. You know, patch up the game for a month or so, then sell it online. Even if the programmer had to work entirely from scratch, it wouldn't be a daunting task, since the most complicated programming is a Space Invaders minigame.

Alternately, you could get rid of all the minigames, and release the game as a basic dating sim. That'd be simple enough to do in Ren'py, since all the videos are all in the modern .avi format. In fact, I'd volunteer for that project! Someone please pay me to work on the 20th Anniversary Edition of McKenzie & Co.!


Paul said...

I would devote 100% of Oh, a Rock! Studio's resources to porting McKenzie and Co. to Steam. Make it happen, Her Interactive!!

Anonymous said...

After watching your walkthrough, I would LOVE to see Mckenzie & Co. make a comeback. I wouldn't mind keeping the videos and options and stuff, but maybe they could remaster the minigames? Or perhaps remove them altogether? Same with the menu and overall gameplay: modernize it for a re-release. Not by making everything high tech, as then it wouldn't match up with the videos, but maybe make it load faster and have better quality.