Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I want to get some fancy video equipment to record my 3DS screen, but it costs about 500 bucks. Which means I'd probably have to have to get a second job, working part-time while Mary is at school. So...five hours a weekday, from 9 to 2.

Minimum wage in Oregon is $9.25. That amounts to about $40 a day, if I work a full five hours. (Money is subtracted for taxes and transportation). At that rate, it takes a bit under three weeks to get $500.

The only place in town that's hiring right now is Round Table Pizza. But they open at 11 AM. So that means I can work three hours per day, maximum. This gives me $25 per day, and at that rate, it takes a full month to get $500.

Um...maybe I'll get a tax refund this year? (Spoiler alert: I won't.)


Emily said...

You can always do more stuff working from home online, which means you could work while Mary is home too.
Stuff like dotWriter or offers work to freelance writers fairly regularly so you could just pick up a new job when you have time or need to.
Craigslist also has a surprising amount of online jobs listed, but you need to be careful to avoid the scammy ones.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure out the same thing. I need a better way to record my 3DS gameplay (and eventually Wii U gameplay) than just fliming the actual 3DS. But the equitment costs more than the 3DS itself!!