Sunday, February 1, 2015


I don't want to be a grump, but I am still very about college. It cost huge amounts of money, and there was no benefit to it, whatsoever.

First off, everyone lies and says that "college is the best time of your life". In my experience, that is the exact opposite of the truth. I was forced to live with a bunch of horrible people who only cared about getting drunk and having sex, with occasional breaks for doing drugs. The only friends I made are what you call "friends of convenience or circumstance". Once I graduated, they all disappeared and never talked to me again.

Second, everyone told me that college would help me get a high-paying job. Again, this was a lie. It didn't help me get any job at all. I got immediate unemployment, and whenever I go job searching, no employers ever respond. My fiancée Katie says that, when she applies for a job, the companies always tell her if she did or didn't get it. Me? When I apply for a job, I'm lucky to get a "we received your application" courtesy note. The last interview I had was...years ago, at this point.

I kind of make money on YouTube ads, but it is definitely less than a full-time, minimum wage worker at Starbucks. (They didn't respond to me. I am forced to assume that they threw my application in the trash.)

The Huffington Post says that the average starting salary of a college graduate is $44,000. If I was in charge of a university, I would poll the alumni. I'm sure there are some majors whose graduates make way less than that, ten years after graduation. I would immediately eliminate those majors, since they are a harmful waste of time with no benefit. Or, at least, I would remove those departments from the list of required classes and let natural selection take its course.

But, of course, if I was in charge of a university, my first step would be to expel all the drunkards and replace them with serious students.


Anonymous said...

My 3 kids went to college. Two are still in, one graduates this spring. He took Communications, . Will he find a job? Only the Lord knows. My oldest got his Masters in Education & so far can only find sub teaching jobs a few days a month. We did not want them living in the dorms because of all you described. Christian college was too expensive, so they all went to state colleges, lived at home & commuted by bus. Their loans will not be quite as high. The two younger kids work at a coffee shop part time. In this economy places are looking for experience & can be choosy. They may be living at home for a long time.

Anonymous said...

That's because college is now the new high school - a diploma is pretty much worthless. Grad school is the new college. It sucks, especially in my field, biology, which was ranked as #1 in an article about the fields with the biggest differences in pay between bachelors and phds.

Anonymous said...

I have two degrees, a BA in English and a MA in English. I'm working as a freelance writer for pennies and I have a part time job that only lets me work 3 days a week. Whenever I apply to jobs I either don't recieve a reply or I am told I'm not the person the business is looking for at the moment.

Teaching at a County College is out of the question for me since the take home pay is less than minimum wage for the hours put into teaching. I'm praying the economy turns around because at this rate we won't be able to survive.