Monday, January 12, 2015

Wedding Math

I'm gonna do some wedding math today.

The wedding reception place has two packages. The super-boozy package is $135 per person, while the normal package is $96 per person. (There are two cheaper packages, but we're ignoring them for the time being.) To both packages, we can add $8 per person for a fruit platter thing, and we can add $14 per person for a chocolate fondue fountain. Mom likes the fruit, Katie likes the chocolate.

The total food and drink price must be at least $12,500. I think that's bogus, for multiple reasons I won't go into right now.

If we get the cheaper package with the add-ons, we need at least 105 people to make the minimum. If we get the super-boozy package, we need at least 80 people to make the minimum. We are inviting 157 people to the wedding, with about 100 in the "likely to come" category and 50 in the "not likely to come" category. So right now, it looks like we can go with either package.

I don't want the super-boozy package. In fact, I'm not a fan of having alcohol at the wedding reception, period. You can blame college for that. I've seen more than enough drunk idiots to make me swear off of drunkenness forever. Also, I'm what you call a "sad drunk". Whenever I drink, I tend to get depressed, not upbeat and happy. I would like to avoid getting depressed on my wedding day.

So I'm banking on the cheaper package, with the add-ons. If we do not make the minimum number of people, I'll add a bunch of people at the last minute, and Mom will never know! Ha ha ha! I mean, uh...there will be an open bar, to make up the difference. For example, if we're $300 short, the bar will give out $300 of alcohol for free. After that, the bar will force the guests to pay for their own alcohol. Knowing my relatives, that means the bar will close almost immediately.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is expensive! I like the idea a lot of couples do now, where they have a really fancy appetizer buffet & dessert buffet & coffee, tea etc. My parents felt they had to provide a dinner at the reception. I hope my kids choose something simpler. The day goes by so quickly & you hardly get to enjoy it. I applaud you on not drinking at your reception. We had a dry reception & never regretted it. I'd hate to think someone would get in a DWI accident on the way home.

Anonymous said...

Juts as a general rule of thumb, it's considered rude to ask guests to pay for their own drinks at a wedding.

You should either offer alcohol and trust that your guests will be responsible enough to handle themselves with dignity or not offer alcohol at all. If a guest comes up to the bar once and gets a free drink it can be confusing and frustrating if they're suddenly charged for drinks at some unspecified point in the night.

Of course, just because alcohol is being served doesn't mean you have to consume any if you aren't into drinking. Your venue should also cut people off if it's obvious that they're drunk to prevent accidents. Otherwise they could lose their liquor license.