Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Walkthroughs of 2014 - 5 through 1

Happy 2015, everyone! Here are my top walkthroughs from the previous year!

5. Living Legends: Frozen Beauty

This game was a surprise hit! It's a mixture of Frozen and Snow White. I still can't believe those stories mix together so well. The beautiful scenery and fair gameplay make this game worth playing.

4. Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones

I played the entire Nightmares from the Deep trilogy this year, and they're all fantastic games. #2 is probably my favorite, but I'm giving the credit to Davy Jones, since it's the only one that was released in 2014. The series is about zombie pirate curses, and it is great! It replaced Pirates of the Caribbean as my main pirate entertainment for the past five years.

3. Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies

Nancy Drew #31 is my favorite Nancy Drew game of the past few years, beating out Ghost of Thornton Hall. I love the setting, the creative puzzles, and I especially enjoy the ending. To be honest, though, a "Nancy Drew has Ancient Greek adventures" game would have to be pretty terrible for me not to like it.

2. Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's time-travelling ghost needs the help of a psychic writer, in order to stop a gold heist by Confederate witches! This game and its premise is so ridiculous. I love it. I think President Lincoln was drunk the entire time. Also, it was made by a company I haven't heard from since 2010, and it's good to see they didn't go bankrupt.

1. 2014 Nancy Drew Games Mega Marathon

My favorite part of the year was playing all the Nancy Drew games. ALL OF THEM. Every Saturday for months, I played them in front of a live audience on YouTube, and it was ridiculously fun. How long is the marathon, when you put all the videos together? It's a little over four days.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, #1 is correct! That one was my favorite by far! It kinda felt like a family reunion. Thanks again for that series Michael!

lence said...

It was great! Family reunion!