Monday, January 26, 2015


My schedule got messed up again, with the release of Twilight Phenomena 3 and Living Legends 3. Why can't my favorite videogame series be like Nancy Drew or Mario, and announce release dates months in advance? That way I could prepare for their new games.

Living Legends 3 is one of those "so good, I'm playing it immediately" games. The last game was a mix of Sleeping Beauty and Frozen. This one is a mix of Brave and Goldilocks. I haven't played Twilight Phenomena 3 yet, but I bumped it up near the top of my games list, because I played the second one recently, and I can still remember it.

Living Legends 3
McKenzie and Co.
Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (French)
Regeria Hope
Twilight Phenomena 3
Shadow Wolf: Cursed Wedding
Dark Strokes: Legend of the Snow Queen

As of my writing this, I have recorded all eight videos for Shadow Wolf: Cursed Wedding. (That was originally going to be next.) Katie and I have done three videos for French Nancy Drew, and I have done the first two videos for McKenzie & Co. There are six different boyfriends you can get in that game, so I figured I would let the YouTube viewers pick which guy I should pursue!


Anonymous said...

McKenzie and co. sounds kind of like Matches and Matrimony. :P

Miss. Cellaneous said...

hey, ever consider playing Bravely Default? I'd love to hear your commentary on it :)