Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Parents

My parents are not good with computers. When I showed them my videogame over the holiday break, they had problems. I've complained about this before, but when my parents have computer problems, their first response is to give up and ask someone else to do it for them. I prefer to play around with new computer programs for a while, before asking for help.

In this particular instance, my parents couldn't figure out how to progress in the game. It's kind of embarrassing that they got stuck here, because the solution is "click the mouse to move to the next screen". It's just like PowerPoint! Also, there's a "next" button that you can click on. I honestly believe my parents could have figured it out on their own, if they tried. "Click to interact with the game" is pretty standard for computer games.

The game starts with a parody of Japanese dating sims. My parents haven't played any of those, so they were super confused. Once they got into the main game, they made fun of my artwork. "Is that a man?" "It looks like a man in a wig." In fact, I think that'd be their review: "Nice try, but it looks stupid." Thanks, Mom and Dad.

My parents got stuck again, when the game reached the first choice menu. My parents immediately stopped, because this was something new. Again, I think it's semi-obvious that you select the option you want, by clicking on it. Maybe my next game needs a tutorial? I'm not sure. I think the interface is simple enough, but it might be confusing to someone who's never played a visual novel before.

The good news is that my parents were really impressed by the "pick one of three choices" thing. They thought it was a new and exciting videogame feature I thought up. I didn't have the heart to tell them that dialogue options are pretty standard in videogames.

My parents stopped playing My Nigerian Prince, right before the news report about the Nigerian prince. That's sort of like turning off Back to the Future, right before Marty time-travels. You're missing the main part! That should be somewhat obvious, based on the title!


Anonymous said...

My grandparents are the same way. Last year, they got themselves a Kindle for Christmas and when they opened it the first thing they did was hand it off to me and said "Okay, show us how to use it." They wanted me to show them everything about it, then and there, instead of playing around with it for a few days themselves.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a tutorial, if someone who doesn't know how it works it's most likely because someone showed them so they can ask them that is hilarious, you'd think you'd get more appreciation, YOU MADE A FLIPPIN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally enjoyed your demo and plan on buying it! :D :D :D

Katie Nelson said...

LOL that's my mom with electronics. She'll mess with it a little bit (sometimes), but then she'll ask me to do it for her. Although one thing I want to say is that I've DEFINITELY played visual novels before. *cough, cough* Ace Attorney... *cough, cough*