Sunday, January 25, 2015

Litany of Saints

As I mentioned earlier, we're doing a litany of saints at our wedding. Now I need to juggle names around so they fit the song. In this case, there are four verses, and each verse contains eight measures with names. How does this look?

Verse 1, Mary and the Early Church
  • Holy Mary, Mother of God
  • Queen of All Hearts,
  • Mary, Queen of Apostles,
  • And Saint Joseph, her husband
  • Saint Michael and all angels,
  • Peter and Paul
  • All the Holy Apostles
  • Matthew and the Evangelists
Verse 2, Martyrs, Male Religious
  • Catherine of Alexandria
  • Blaise, Christopher and George
  • Saint Stephen and all martyrs
  • John Henry Newman
  • Louis de Monfort, Jean Vianney
  • Francis of Sales and all Bishops
  • Francis and Claire of Assisi
  • Vincent de Paul
Verse 3 - Female Religious, Doctors of the Church
  • Catherine Laboure
  • Kateri and Faustina
  • Katharine Drexel
  • Bonaventure and Bellarmine
  • Bernard of Clairveaux
  • Augustine and Monica
  • Therese of Liseux
  • Thomas Aquinas and all doctors,
 Verse 4 - Married Saints
  • Anne and Joachim
  • Louis and Zelie Martin
  • Isidore and Maria
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton
  • Jane Chantal
  • Thomas More and Philip Howard
  • Juan Diego and Saint Louis
  • Rita of Cascia

...I just now realized that I forgot to put some Popes on the list, other than Saint Peter. Granted, the Popes fall under the "male religious" category, but usually they are listed separately.


Anonymous said...

I like it! I like how organized this is. And I like that you put Mary first, and then you had a section for the married saints last.

Anonymous said...

St. Gianna is another great married saint. And a great patron for life!