Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Girl Detective Reviews

I'm still chugging away at the Nancy Drew book reviews! Right now, I'm doing a chunk of reviews for the 2004 series. Here are the reviews for Books 7 through 9.

Book #10 is a special case, since a game was based on it. I decided to save it for later, so I could do a book and game review, on the same day.


Therese said...

Wow, I forgot about this series! I believe I still own a copy of one of the specials. I think the title was Missing: Nancy Drew or something...it's told entirely through Bess, George, and Ned's perspective. They're trying to solve the case of what happened to Nancy after she goes missing.

I remember enjoying the book, for the most part, maybe because it was so unique compared to the other books in the series.

baby bear said...

Love your reviews -- they're great. Are you going to do a live play-through of Labyrinth of Lies?

Anonymous said...

I love your Nancy Drew book reviews, for any of the ND series! Keep it up!