Friday, January 16, 2015

French Gifts

Yesterday, I got a package from some French fans of my walkthroughs (and blog!). They sent me seven different Nancy Drew books (all in French) as a wedding present.

Thanks! I mean, Merci! I plan on sending some books back to them, once I figure out how international shipping works. I think maybe I'll send some Nancy Drew Files books, since most of them weren't published in France.

I also got a trio of Nancy Drew games in French! (Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, Creature of Kapu Cave and Legend of the Crystal Skull) I don't speak French myself, but I think Katie does. Maybe I can force her to play the games with me. Or maybe I can pick up a book of easy French and do very simple commentary. ("the cheese is on the table" = "le fromage c'est sur la table") I'd probably do a bilingual commentary, though, because it's easiest on me.


Anonymous said...

You should play the French games on your channel

Anonymous said...

Agreed :) :) :)

Katie Nelson said...

I must agree as well :D