Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Walkthrough Sequels

I went through the list of videogames that I've done walkthroughs for. Many of them have sequels. In fact, here's a list of the sequels that are on my radar:

  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright
  • Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney 2
  • Azada 3
  • Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2
  • Princess Isabella 2 and 3
  • Nick Chase 2
  • Reveries: Soul Collector

Let me know if you want me to play any of those games.

In addition to sequels, there are also various series that I've played. Part of me wants to play them, and another part of me says, "Wow, they have over 10 Mystery Case Files games. I have no idea where to start." Should I expand my horizons a bit and look into other games from these series?

  • Samantha Swift
  • Awakening
  • Mystery Case Files
  • Dark Parables
  • Grim Facade
  • Midnight Mysteries
  • Putt-Putt the Car


Anonymous said...

I'd like Princess Isabella 2 and 3 and Reveries: Soul Collector, and I like Awakening, Dark Parables, Grim Facade, Midnight Mysteries!! Please and thank you! :) :) :)

bug2506 said...

I would love to see you play some more of the Mystery Case File games. :)

Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

Yes you should play the Mystery Case Files games they are great

Anonymous said...

Yay for Edgy :)

I just started playing it myself and I think it might becoming my favorite game in the franchise.

Anonymous said...

Zelda! Zelda!

Anonymous said...

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright could be fun :D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mario galaxy and Zelda! PLEASE do them!!

For computer games, please do the rest of the awakening series and dark parables. Both those series are awesome!

Anonymous said...

awakening series please!!!

Paul said...

I mean I don't know how you can say no to Putt-Putt.

Anonymous said...

House of 1000 Doors

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see you do another Zelda game!! Especially Twilight Princess. But Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney would be a very close second. Or anything Ace Attorney related, anyway.

Anonymous said...