Thursday, December 4, 2014

Three Things - Wedding Problems

My parents are in town this week, and I'm expecting lots of fights about wedding stuff. Basically, Mom and Dad want me to do x, y, and z, because "it's tradition". I honestly don't care about American wedding traditions. At best, they seem stupid and pointless. At worst, they seem sexist and showoff.

1. My parents want the big parade at the start of the wedding, where all the bridesmaids and the groomsmen strut down the aisle like peacocks. (I suspect my parents want this, because they get to be part of the parade.) I don't want this, because I don't see the point. None of these people are part of the wedding ceremony, so why do they get a grand entrance? No sir, I'm sticking with the Catholic tradition, where only people who are part of the wedding get to be in the procession.

I think a possible compromise is to do a procession with all the unnecessary people, five minutes before the mass starts. That way, they can walk down the aisle, but they don't interfere with the real procession.

2. My parents want us to follow the superstition of "the bride can't see the groom until after the wedding had started". I don't see any room for compromise here; Katie and I are vetoing that option, outright. We want to walk down the aisle together, which I think is more romantic than us going down the aisle separately.

Also, I still like the idea of Katie and me greeting people as they come into the church. Why should we foist this job off onto random ushers? It's nice to say hello to everyone who's attending the wedding.

3. My parents don't want a Litany of Saints at the wedding, because the one time they heard a Litany of Saints, it was super long and boring. Okay, now I'm starting to think that all of their wedding complaints are just a clash between American tradition and Catholic tradition.

Anyway, this compromise is easy. We'll do a different Litany of Saints. In fact, I already did that. Booyeah.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your ideas are a lot better than "tradition". Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like all of your wedding ideas. The reasoning behind them is better too. And I love the litany of saints, especially at a wedding! You get the sense of all the saints praying for you. It always makes me tear up. :)

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it's your wedding ceremony. This is the moment where you will pledge your commitment to each other and you should do it in a way that best symbolizes your beliefs and love for each other. Your parents will need to politely step aside and allow you to celebrate your love in your own way. At least you're making choices for your ceremony based on your beliefs instead of rearranging the ceremony to make for better pictures or something.

Anne Fraser said...

We are planning an autumn wedding in 2015. In north Devon. Does anyone have any good wedding ideas? We have a very small budget but are able to do some of the creative stuff ourselves as we and our friends have some arty ability. Any help/advice would be much appreciated … Thanks!!!