Friday, December 12, 2014


The news this week has been extremely harsh.

The Michael Brown and Eric Gardner cases have been dominating the news; both of them were black men who were murdered by policemen. One case was in Missouri, and one was in New York. In both cases, no one was charged with murder. This is extremely unjust, especially since there is undeniable video footage of Eric's death.

Also in the news was an investigation into the CIA, which has been torturing people for the past thirteen years. It does not seem that they informed either President Bush or President Obama of their activities, nor does it seem that they have stopped. Torture is always wrong, but it is even worse in the cases where the CIA tortures innocent people.

There was also a lot of budget work being done. As of my writing this [Thursday, 10:10 AM], no deal has been reached. If a budget isn't passed by midnight on Thursday, the government shuts down. My fiancée works for the IRS, so that means she will be out of the job until a financial deal is made. Hopefully, the deal will be a new, full-blown budget, and not just a temporary extension of the previous budget.

[Edit: The government gave itself two extra days to get the budget passed. The currently-proposed budget is unpopular.]

The IRS building is a government office, right next to the federal courthouse. Katie has reported that there have been a steady stream of protesters, who are against CIA torture and police murdering innocents. The protesters are generally peaceful, but when night falls, anarchists try to hijack the big crowd and start a riot. Once, Katie was sent home early, to avoid being attacked by angry protestors. (The protestors don't know she's an IRS employee who has nothing at all to do with the CIA or the police.)


Anonymous said...

I agree that torturing innocent people is wrong, but I would hardly call the terrorists about whom this largely partisan, 6000 page, $40 million report is written "innocent." The report also failed to include statements from the CIA agents who were actually involved. Also, with the Michael Brown and Eric Gardner cases, the families still can sue for unlawful death.

Anonymous said...

Also, Former VP Cheney asserts that Former President Bush did indeed know about the program and had to sign off on most details of the program.