Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nancy Drew Cookbook, Part 2

Someone (Graeme) suggested that Her Interactive make their own Nancy Drew cookbook. It could have recipes for the foods that appear in the videogames. Also, foods inspired by the games!

  • Mr. September's Remastered Dates
  • Stay Tuned for Bangers
  • Haunted Mansion Fortune Cookies (Complete with message)
  • Royal Tower Royal Icing
  • Final Scene Popcorn Balls
  • Scarlet Hand Lady Fingers
  • Moon Lake Ghost Dogs
  • Haunted Carousel Cotton Candy
  • Holt Scotto's Deception Island Daiquiris
  • Shorty's Shadow Ranch Shortcake
  • Blackmoor Manor Loop de loop, Bangers and Mash; Pinky and Perky, and Dogs Eye, in a Penvellyn Sauce
  • Old Clock Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time
  • Blue Moon Canyon Lincoln (Fudge) Logs
  • Minette's Mango Marmalade
  • Kapu Kave Karamel
  • Icicle Creek Popsicles
  • Crystal Skull Head Cheese
  • Venetian Vanilla Phantom Pudding
  • Castle Malloy's Jetpack Jambalaya
  • Seven Ships Sunken Souffle
  • Waverly Wafers
  • Twister Breadcrumb Trail (Submitted by Hansel & Gretel)
  • Yumi's Yummy Bento Box
  • Captive Curse Cappucino
  • Alibi in Aspic
  • Nefertari's Pyramid Scheme Punch
  • The Deadly Danish
  • Harper's Kooky Cookies
  • Silent Spy Secret Sauce
  • Pacific Run Pancakes
  • Labyrinth of Fries
  • And of course, the generic but popular Culprit Casserole.
It sounds better than the official Nancy Drew cookbook, where the food names are mostly unrelated to the dish.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I would like to try these. If you try them you should take pictures of how they turn out and give a review.

Anonymous said...

Except I guess they aren't real? :P They should be though.

Anonymous said...

OMG most of these sound so good!!! I WANT HAUNTED CAROUSEL COTTON CANDY!!!! And the blackmoor stuff except the pinkie and perky! :P :P :P

Katie Nelson said...

Those sound DELICIOUS!!!!! I wish they were real.....

Anonymous said...

You should seriously make this into a published cookbook. I would so buy it!! :p