Wednesday, December 10, 2014


People sometimes find it weird that Nancy Drew has a female friend, whose name is George.

George (and her cousin Elizabeth) first appear in Book 5, The Secret of Shadow Ranch. George explains that her name is not short for Georgia. Instead, she was named after her grandfather. The book goes on to have a flirty rivalry between George and cowboy George Miller. He calls her by her last name, because he says he's the only one who can be named "George".

When the Nancy Drew books switched publishers in the 1980's, they decided that George is short for Georgia. Even though her name was George for over 50 years and 60 books. That seems like a weird decision to make. It's sort of like the Nancy Drew movies, where her boyfriend's name is changed from "Ned" to "Ted", for no apparent reason.


Anonymous said...

I like to pretend that she was really into reading George Eliot in high school. :D

C said...

Ugh I know. I hate the books that say George is short for Georgia. Just no. Her name is George, and it's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I got a little confused because I love the comics, whoever hasn't read them you NEED to! But they call her Georgia as a way for Deirdre to get to her and I'm just now reading the originals there are so many books it's just too much!! ^_~ ^_~ ^_~