Thursday, December 18, 2014


Katie and I went through the entire Nancy Drew Cookbook, and we found fourteen recipes worth trying out. I figured we could make all the dishes over a couple of months.

Recipe #1: Hollow Oak Nest Eggs.

Katie says nest eggs are a standard breakfast dish, but I honestly never heard of them before. The way it works is that you cut a hole in toast and put an egg inside, so it looks like an egg in a bird's nest. It looks cute if you can make it correctly.

I cooked this with Mary, and we dropped an egg on the floor. Not the best way to start my cooking experiment. Anyway, nest eggs might be good if they're cooked correctly, but this recipe is bad and leaves everything severely undercooked.

Recipe #2: Ned's potato pancakes.

You grate potatoes, then mix them with an egg, flower and salt. Cook them in a frying pan, and done! For some reason, my potatoes changed color from white to reddish/brown. Is that normal? Anyway, these aren't the fancy latkes they serve in restaurants, but I like them, because I can cook them without much work. "A lot of work" is how I would describe...

Recipe #3: Emerson Cookout Potatoes.

The recipe starts with frying bacon, and already I'm lost, because I don't know how to cook bacon. After that, you slice potatoes and onions into thin pieces. I can't do that without cutting my fingers off, so I used large slices. You smother the vegetables with the bacon, and half a pound of cheese and butter. Wrap it up in aluminum foil and cook for an hour on a barbecue grill. I used the oven, myself.

So, um, I changed about half of the steps, because I'm not a good cook. Maybe that's why this recipe didn't turn out so well. I mean, it wasn't BAD, but it's basically scalloped potatoes with bacon. I didn't like it, because all the cheese was stuck the aluminum foil.

I want to try making the meal again, but next time, I'll cook it in a casserole dish. More like traditional scalloped potatoes. Because everything else aside, adding bacon to scalloped potatoes was a great idea. It really changes the taste.


Stephanie said...

The more that you and/or Katie cook, the better you'll get.
Potatoes, like apples or avocado's will turn brown if exposed to air for too long. It doesn't effect the flavor, just the aesthetic. I would recommend you get a box grater, they're cheap, and you can use that to slice the potatoes and a little onion in the pancakes as well.
If you make the "cookout potatoes" again, I'd suggest lining the baking dish with foil or parchment first. Scrubbing baked/burned cheese out of a dish is a lot of work.
Happy Cooking!

Anonymous said...

Ned's Potato Pancake sounds yummy!