Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book Reviews

I finished another set of book reviews!

(The last video is the one that the videogame is based on.)

Nancy Drew books 4 and 5 are odd ducks. Each book has an original version and a rewrite, and they have almost nothing in common with each other. When the original story is good, it's kind of sad to see it get thrown out and replaced, for no discernible reason.

Question: Should I always do a separate video for the original and the rewrite? It makes sense when they're vastly different like today's books. When the books are similar, maybe it doesn't make sense.

The next set of books I'm scheduled to do are Girl Detective books and Files books (2000's and 1980's Nancy Drew, respectively). I was going to do some Hardy Boys after that, but they have proven to be pretty unpopular. I think I'll kick them off the list and replace them with the "Nancy Drew Goes to College, Where Boy Drama Is More Important Than Mysteries" series.

Wait, scratch that. The next reviews I'm doing are Nancy Drew: The Message in a Haunted Mansion and Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower. I will review both the books AND the games.


Sam said...

Will you please review The Message in The Hollow Oak, both the original and re-write? Thanks!

lence said...

this made me giggle