Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wedding Planning

I'm busy planning my wedding right now, so I thought I'd write about it here on my blog this week.

A Catholic wedding begins with the priest receiving and welcoming the couple, before the wedding. The official Rite of Marriage indicates that this can happen at the church doors, the place where the couple will sit, or the place where the priest will sit. I think we'll go with the church doors, because we don't want to confuse people by having a chit-chat up by the priest's chair.

After this is the procession, where everyone comes in. We need to make a decision here. Should we have an entrance song to start the mass, like normal? Or should we have the organist play an instrumental piece, while everyone walks down the aisle?

And we also need to decide what happens in the church, before the wedding. Some people do a rosary in the fifteen minutes before the wedding. Other people have the organist play for fifteen minutes, so all the guests can have something to listen to. Katie and I will probably be greeting guests at the door, in the fifteen minutes leading up to the mass. Unless she has to disappear into the bride's room to do bride things, like put on more makeup than your average counter at Macy's.


Anonymous said...

In the Catholic weddings I've been to, the wedding party goes down the aisle with the organist playing Canon in D, and the bride walks down with a different song playing that the choir sings. Some have played Canon in D throughout even as the bride is processing but I like the idea of the bride getting a different song.

Anonymous said...

OMG Michael, the only reason she is wearing makeup is for YOU!!! So you have two options, either tell her she's too gorgeous for it, which she is, oh and I like her glasses! Or you can just appreciate that she wants to look extra beautiful for your special day, P.S. You guys are SOOO cute that kiss cam video was adorable, and I vote you guys best kiss!!!!! 😍😍😍

Anne Fraser said...

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