Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wedding Planning 7

I know I've been talking about the wedding for a long time now, but we're almost done! There are three more things that we're thinking of, for the wedding.

1. Nuptial Blessing. This is mandatory. It is a longish (over 400 words) prayer by the priest, which invokes God's blessing upon the couple. The community prays with the priest, and in fact, there is a short pause for silent prayer after it.

The Nuptial Blessing can take place after the "Our Father" or the general intercessions. We want to have it after the general intercessions, mainly because it will throw people off if we have it in between the "Our Father" and the "Sign of Peace".

2. Papal Blessing. I'm going to put in a request to get an official apostolic blessing, from Pope Francis. It looks something like this, and there are probably dozens of different designs.

I do not know if this gets presented during the wedding or not. I know that they do a "presenting the mandate from the Pope" thing as part of a Bishop's ordination, but that's different.

3. Flowers for the Virgin Mary. Some cultures have a tradition, where the bride leaves flowers at a picture/altar/statue of the Virgin Mary. My mother did this at her wedding. I think it'd be nice to do, but instead of making a big deal out of it, Katie will probably do it after receiving the Eucharist.


Emily said...

I always liked the idea of leaving flowers to honor someone/thing during the wedding.
I know in England (though they aren't Catholic) it's tradition for royal brides to leave flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
My husband and I exchanged flowers during the ceremony as our first gift to each other in our marriage. Then we gave the flowers we exchanged to our mothers.

Anonymous said...

I love that last idea! I may do that. These posts are really interesting, because though I have been a devout Catholic all my life I've never been to a wedding that did these things. I love hearing about different traditions.

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