Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Planning 2

The wedding begins with a procession, which is the same as a typical Sunday mass. That is, the people go down the aisle in this order:

•Altar servers

With weddings, the couple to be married goes after the priest(s). They walk side by side, instead of going separately or with other people. Katie and I are both fine with this.

Katie's daughter, Mary, wants to be the flower girl. Flower girls are not an official part of Catholic weddings; they're just an optional thing that people do in the United States. But Mary will have a huge meltdown if she doesn't do it. I figure we'll have her go first in the procession. That's where flower girls usually go, right?

It is also optional to have the parents and the two witnesses (who will sign the legal document) be part of the procession, after the married couple. People usually stick the bridesmaids and groomsmen in here, even though they're not part of the wedding ceremony at all. I'm not particularly keen on this idea; I would like it better if just Katie and I went down the aisle together, instead of Katie, me, and a parade of other folks.


Emily said...

The way most weddings go, the bridesmaids and groomsmen go down the aisle before the bride (in most cases the bride is with her dad, but in this case she'd be with you). It starts with the ones on the end and then you work your way up to the maid of honor and best man who are also your witnesses.
Usually flower girls and ring bearers go right before the bride, so if you don't want the parents and bridal party to be a part of the procession then you would just have Katie come in right before the two of you.
I have seen Catholic weddings where the whole bridal party was a part of the procession and some that just had the bridal party waiting in the front pew. I think what you do with that is a matter of personal preference.

Emily said...

Mary. Mary is your flower girl. Sorry about the mix-up!

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