Thursday, November 6, 2014

Three Things - Election Week

1. I think I mention this every election, but it seems incredibly unfair that the entire state can vote for one candidate, yet their decision is completely overruled by one or two big cities. Yes, the big city has more people in it, but the current system more or less makes the rest of the state completely irrelevant during elections. No wonder Northern California keeps getting mad at the rest of the state.

2. In Oregon, I was hoping to see Measure 88 get passed. Measure 88 would allow people without social security numbers to get car insurance. That's great! I want everyone to have car insurance, because I really, really want to avoid the worst-case scenario of being hit by someone without insurance. In those situations, the victim is forced to pay for everything. You'd expect insurance or the attacker to pay, but no, that's now how car insurance works.

Sadly, Measure 88 failed, with over a two-thirds majority.

3. The Senate is now filled with Republicans, in order to oppose the Democrat President. This has happened to every single two-term President in my lifetime; in their second term, the opposite party conquers the Senate.

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Anonymous said...

Our family lives in Upstate NY. We feel the same way. We vote because it is a right & privilege, but you can not help feeling that NYC takes over & makes the big decisions on election day. They need to become their own separate state for voting.