Sunday, November 30, 2014


I like Thanksgiving, but the food is always a letdown for me. The only Thanksgiving foods I like are mashed potatoes and rolls. I honestly don't care for stuffing or cranberries. Turkey is okay, but I don't think it's good enough to be put on a pedestal as a coveted "special occasion" food.

Really, I think the only time I eat Thanksgiving food is on Thanksgiving. The rest of the year, I never touch the stuff(ing).

I think I'd enjoy the food aspect of Thanksgiving more, if it was food I eat all the time. Like, a Thanksgiving with burgers and potatoes. And burritos! And orange chicken. And steak can be the "special occasion" food, because it's too expensive to eat all the time.

I think I'm trying to say that I like buffets, but if the only food options are stuff I wouldn't eat normally, I consider it to be a bad buffet. That's why I have to be extra-careful in picking out the buffet for my wedding! Because we're totally having a buffet, and not waiters. Katie insisted, and I like buffets, so I agreed.

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